School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Travel Procedure

In line with the UNSW Travel policy, UNSW Travel Procedure and UNSW Insurance Policies and Insurance Services, the following procedure has been developed for travel bookings in the SPHCM.


  1. Check if you require a risk assessment using the Decision Tree. If you are required to complete a risk assessment use the Travel Risk Management Form.
  2. Complete TR1 - UNSW Travel Approval Form.
  3. Complete TR2 - UNSW Application for a Travel Allowance Form, if applying for a Travel Allowance. Also see Travel Allowances.
  4. Complete TR3 - UNSW Application for a Travel Cash advance, if applying for a cash advance. Note cash advances. need to be acquitted within 30 days from the date of return travel,receipts/invoices for cash advance expenses must be retained and submitted with the acquittal.
  5. Complete SPHCM Travel Application Form and checklist, including creating a MyTrips profile on “International SOS” through UNSW Travel.
  6. Apply for conference leave through myUNSW and attach a copy of the approval.
  7. Get a quotation for airfares from UNSW Preferred Travel Agents: Campus Travel, STA, Voyager and Anywhere Travel.
  8. If travel is funded from Research Grants then the grant holder needs to approve the expenditure.
  9. If travel is from school funds then Executive Officer needs to approve the expenditure.
  10. All documents must be forwarded to the Executive officer for pre-checking and for approval by HOS.
  11. Once approved, Finance Administrative Officer will process the payments.


  1. All travel requires completion of a Travel Diary if travel is for a period of 6 nights or more – UNSW TR5 Travel Diary Form. See examples under Forms.
  2. If cash advance was taken then TR4 UNSW Travel Advance Settlement form needs to be completed Note travel advances are required to be settled within 30 days of returning from trip & receipts and tax invoices are required to be attached to substantiate the expenditures.
  3. Forward all documentation to Finance Administrative Officer for processing.