School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Finance Procedure

Frequently used forms and process

All finance forms are available here

Paying an Invoice

When you get an invoice for payment please email it to with the following information:
Organisation:  PHCM
Nominate Anil Singh-Prakash as the approver.

Reimbursement / Payments

Reimbursement for Staff/Students complete ER1 form and email to

Motor vehicle use complete MV1 form.  When approved by supervisor, complete MV2 form and email to

Reimbursements that is not staff/student or a vendor (no tax invoice) complete PR1 form and email to

Travel advances complete TR2 form and email to

Non Travel (cash) advance and acquittals complete NT1 form (Advance) NT2 form (Settlement) and email to

Purchasing / Buying

Purchase Requisition complete PR1 form (under $10,000) or PR2 form (over $10,000) and submit to

For enquiries of your project code that is not research email Anil Singh-Prakash 
For research project codes email Sandra Agyris