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SPHCM Templates

School Powerpoint Presentations

To apply the slide template formatting to your current slides, either:

  1. Open the template and copy and paste all of your slides into the Slides Panel.  Then highlight all the slides in the Slides Panel and click  on Layout to apply a Layout; or
  2. Open your current slide document. Click on the Design Menu. Click on the Down Arrow under Themes. Click on Browse for Themes. Click on the Template. Highlight slides in Slides Panel and click on Layout to apply a Layout.


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Seminar Template


Research Posters - PowerPoint


UNSW Sydney Logos

  1. To download the logo, right click on link below and select 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As'. Save it to your desktop or allocated folder.
  2. These are standard logos for use with Word, PowerPoint and the Web.
  3. Please do not stretch or alter logos. if you need a high resolution logo, large logo, or Reverse Colour logo. Please contact Christine Rousselis.
  4. See Branding Starter Kit for more information.
  5. Branding at UNSW is managed by Marketing Services. Should you have any queries regarding the use of branding please email or phone (02) 9385 3777.