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UNSW Vaccine & Infection Research Lab (UVIRL)

Mission statement: to reduce the immunisation gap between adults and children through research, teaching and advocacy, with a special focus on the elderly, high risk and vulnerable populations.

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Prof MacIntyre speaks on vaccination gap in seniorsWATCH: World Ageing Conference - Vaccination gap in seniors

Listening to one of Professor Raina MacIntyre's research presentations, one has to wonder why vaccination in the elderly is not a regimented program already in place across the world.


Who we are

We are a group of academic researchers based at SPHCM UNSW, who are recognised international leaders in immunisation and vaccinology research. Our primary area of focus is adult and high risk group immunisation, with a focus on vulnerable populations including the elderly, migrants, refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, immunosuppressed people and health workers. Our research expertise spans clinical trials, epidemiology, mathematical modelling, health economics, big data and data linkage, social and behavioural research, as well as policy and evaluation. We engage in research, advocacy and teaching, with several options for higher studies in infectious diseases and vaccinology.


Launch of UNSW -VIRL 

UNSW - VIRL was launched on Tuesday 28 March at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Coogee.

The event was attended by fantastic audience including academic experts, policy makers, immunisation stakeholders  and national and NSW media.

UNSW – VIRL  goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on a range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and action – and provoke conversations that matter about adult vaccination.

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Our Programs: Methods

Epidemiology, statistics and clinical trials
Program Lead: Heather Gidding
Raina MacIntyre, Bette Liu, Rob Menzies, Alex Rosewell, David Muscatello, Tony Newall, David Muscatello, Robin Turner, James Wood, Surendra Karki, Anita Heywood
Students: Aye Moa

Mathematical modeling
Program lead: James Wood
Tony Newall, Raina MacIntyre, Heather Gidding, Valentia Constantino, Dulpeepa Jayasundara.

Social and behavioural research
Program lead: Holly Seale    
Anita Heywood, Raina MacIntyre, Abrar Chugtai, Telphia Joseph

Health Economics
Program lead: Tony Newall
Anurag Sharma, James Wood, Virginia Wiseman, Raina MacIntyre.
Students: Sevan Dirmesropian, Shohini Mukherji

Data linkage and big data
Program lead: Bette Liu
Heather Gidding, Rob Menzies, Tony Newall, David Muscatello, Robin Turner, James Wood, Surendra Karki, Alex Rosewell, Anita Heywood
Students: Amalie Dyda

VIRL Programs: Risk Groups

Elderly vaccines
Program lead:  Raina MacIntyre
Abrar Chugtai, Tony NEwall, James Wood, Bette Liu
Students: Aye Moa, Amalie Dyda

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vaccination
Program leads: Telphia Joseph and Rob Menzies
Heather Gidding, Bette Liu
Students: Amalie Dyda

Travel, migrant and refugee immunization
Program lead: Anita Heywood
Holly Seale, Raina MacIntyre, Surendra Karki, Alex Rosewell
Students: Abela Mahimbo

Vaccines for armed forces
Program lead: David Heslop
Raina MacIntyre

Vaccines for international health and outbreaks
Program lead: Alex Rosewell
Anita Heywood, Holly Seale, Rob MEnzies, David Muscatello, Abrar Chugtai
Students: Amit Saha

Occupational vaccination and other at-risk groups
Program lead: Holly Seale
David Heslop, Raina MacIntyre, Abrar Chugtai
Students: Sonya Nicholl