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Infectious Diseases

The School has multidisciplinary expertise in infectious diseases epidemiology, mathematical modelling, health economic evaluation and social and clinical research in infectious diseases, immunisation, vaccines and infectious disease risks in special risk populations. Our body of research is supported through the supervision of postgraduate students undertaking PhD and Masters programs at UNSW.

There are many opportunities for research students in the areas listed below.

We have linked our research to our MPH specialisation stream in infectious disease epidemiology and control to integrate teaching and research. For those interested in a career in applied infectious diseases control, we offer the Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence. SPHCM is also a member of the WHO Global Outbreak Alert Network and a founding member of the ARM network. There is therefore opportunity to do research in the field and in outbreak response.

Clinical research


Observational epidemiology and data linkage


Healthcare-associated infection epidemiology, prevention and control




Infectious disease and health economic modelling





Social and behavioural research


Traveller health research


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research


Migrant and refugee health research


Frail elderly


International HIV Group