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Chimaera Evolution - computational modeling of complex emergencies and disasters

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Health security and protection has become increasingly uncertain in recent years. The assumptions that underpin preparedness and response decision are likely no longer valid. We are working to understand how to better plan, prepare for and respond to complex emergencies and disasters in this changing world.

UNSW’s School of Public Health and Community Medicine has been working with Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group to develop novel computational modelling and simulation approaches to understand and challenge key planning assumptions, explore the nature of various disaster scenarios in the contemporaneous social and health context, and to help optimise policy.

The study, led by Associate Professor David Heslop aims to develop computational modeling and simulation approaches using complexity theory, hybrid (agent based coupled with other forms) modeling and simulation, and multidisciplinary approaches to parametrisation, to understanding how disasters and emergencies unfold and how current and proposed policy influence positive and negative public health outcomes.

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Health Financing

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Health financing – the process by which countries mobilise revenue, pool resources and purchase health services from providers – is critical for the performance of all health systems regardless of a country’s level of economic development. Globally health financing systems are under pressure to improve their effectiveness, especially in terms of equity, efficiency, and health outcomes. 

At UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine (SPHCM), we conduct cutting-edge health financing and health economics research across LMICs in the Asia-Pacific region but also in high-income countries such as Australia and New Zealand. We evaluate different ways of financing health care to ensure efficiency, fairness and universal access to essential health services.

Led by Dr Augustine Asante, our team has evaluated the equity of health financing systems in the context of UHC in Asia-Pacific countries including Cambodia, Fiji and Timor-Leste, and has ongoing project in Indonesia. We also undertake evaluations of interventions to change the way health care providers, patients and communities respond to health problems.

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Health System Integration and Primary Health Care Development

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This stream is focused on the role of primary health care in improving health and social care integration. Integration is approached at a number of levels and perspectives with the ultimate objectives of improving health and well being, service user experience and system efficiency/effectiveness. Key research areas include:

  • Primary Health Care System Development
  • Improving integration of services and continuity of care
  • Access to Primary Health Care

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