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Health Systems Leadership and Management

Our health systems research draws upon the team’s diverse expertise and disciplines in strategic approaches to health care innovation and practice. Our team includes clinicians, clinical epidemiologists, psychologists, health economists and health service researchers who work collaboratively with health services, government, industry and consumer groups across Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. We use translational research to impact on healthcare practices and outcomes. In close alignment with the strategic priorities of UNSW Medicine and 2025 UNSW, we are committed to research that strengthens health system capacities for addressing priority areas for reducing the disease burden within Australia and globally. We are leading and contributing to a range of research studies supported by competitive research funding, including AusAID; NSW Health and NHMRC, and industry consultancy projects. Our work is regularly published in international peer-reviewed journals. We have a strong commitment to supervising research students undertaking a PhD, DrPH, Masters or Independent Learning Project relevant to our areas of expertise. Our collective research is focused around five key themes.

Research themes

  1. Health leadership and organizational change
  2. Professional education, learning and workforce development
  3. Workforce productivity, psychological health and wellbeing
  4. Quality and safety in health care delivery
  5. Health systems modeling and improvement

Associate Professor David Heslop

Ph: 02 9385 3499
Research Profile

A/Prof Heslop is a Primary Care clinical and Occupational and Environmental Medicine practitioner with research interests in resilient health care systems, particularly in the fields of health protection, emergency health response, and high risk/austere health care environments. He convenes Clinical Governance and Risk Management, Health Aspects of Crises Emergencies and Disasters, and Bioterrorism and Health Intelligence. His research focuses on using computational modelling and simulation to answer clinical systems questions in high risk/novel clinical environments.

Research themes: Health systems modeling and improvement


David Heslop


Dr Reema Harrison

Co-Director and Senior Lecturer
Ph: 02 9385 3324
Research Profile

Dr Harrison is an Applied Health Psychologist with research interests in the quality and safety of healthcare. Her research focuses on the experiences of health professionals and patients in relation to adverse events. Dr Harrison is one of the conveners for the Clinical Governance and Risk Management core Master of Healthcare Management course and the Comparative Healthcare elective course.  She is interested in supervising projects relating to psychological health, healthcare worker well-being, adverse events in healthcare, patient experience or health service delivery and quality of care issues.

Research themes: Quality and safety in health care delivery; Workforce productivity, psychological health and wellbeing


Reema Harrison


Professor Mary-Louise Mclaws

Professor of Epidemiology 
Ph: 02 9283 2586
Research Profile

My research areas include: infection prevention and control, clinical improvement and safety and evidence based practice. I am a convenor for the core Master of Healthcare Course, Evidence Informed Decision Making and the Infection Control in the Healthcare Setting elective course. I supervise projects broadly relating to: Infection prevention and control; Antibiotic resistance and prescribing; Surveillance of healthcare associated infections; Hand hygiene – behaviour and surveillance; Patient safety – related to infection prevention such as development and evaluation of care bundles and pathways to reduce infection.

Research themes: Quality and safety in health care delivery; Health leadership and organisational change


Mary-Louise McLaws


Dr Lois Meyer

Senior Research Fellow
Ph: 02 9385 9321
Research Profile

Dr Meyer has extensive experience in organizational learning and workforce development in health services in Australian and international settings. Her research focuses on innovative approaches to learning and development within higher education and the workplace for strengthening workforce capacity. Dr Meyer convenes Health Leadership and Workforce Management and Strategy, Policy and Change in the Master of Health Management.  She is also Assistant Director of the Future Health Leaders Program that is a work-based doctorate for strengthening health system capacity , involves translational research methodologies and leads to a professional doctorate (DrPH).  Dr, Meyer is interested in supervising projects related to organizational learning, health leadership, workforce development and careers as well as areas involving program design and evaluation of professional learning and education.

Research themes: Health leadership and organizational change; Professional education, learning and workforce development 


Lois Meyer


Dr Anurag Sharma

Senior Lecturer
Ph: 02 9385 2372
Research Profile

Dr. Sharma is an applied Health Economist whose research involves rigorous applied methods using large and complex datasets. His recent research has focused on health system performance especially the hospital sector in Australia where he has investigated policy relevant issues such as reducing ED overcrowding, modeling hospital choice for elective surgery patients, and hospital behavior under activity based funding. Dr. Sharma has also led a ARC Discovery grant on impact of health promotion policies such as taxing soft drinks to reduce obesity.  Dr. Sharma has also been involved in projects focusing on public health issues in low-income settings such as Nepal, Mongolia and India.  Dr. Sharma is interested in supervising projects related to hospital quality, adverse events, program evaluation, impact of health promotion policies to reduce obesity or alcohol harms and spatial modeling of infectious deceases.  Dr. Sharma also convenes Health care Economics and Financial Management course, a core unit for Master of Health management.

Research themes: Health systems modeling and improvement 


Anurag Sharma


Dr Chinthaka Balasooriya

Senior Lecturer
Ph: 02 9385 1943
Research Profile

Dr Balasooriya is a nationally recognised expert in Medical Education. He has received a range of university and national level awards in educational excellence. Chinthaka leads a range of research projects in medical education, based within the UNSW Medicine program and within clinical training programs.  Chinthaka has 15 years of experience designing and implementing the UNSW Medicine program. 

Research themes: Professional education, learning and workforce development


Chinthaka Balasooriya