School of Public Health and Community Medicine

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The School has a vibrant and active research culture, evidenced in the work of our many research students (currently over 150 enrolled) and academic staff, our significant track record of publications, our successful history of research grants, and the trans-disciplinary backgrounds and experience of our academic and research staff. In addition to academic staff based in the School, our many conjoint staff and those within our affiliated Research Centres contribute significantly to our research profile.

Our projects range in scope from randomised controlled trials to qualitative studies, and are funded by many sources including the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Australian Research Council (ARC). Our research is strongly underpinned by a commitment to addressing issues around equity and social justice, and is focused on finding real life solutions to the increasingly complex problems faced by populations, practitioners and policy makers. Much of the research we do is highly collaborative, drawing upon a variety of disciplinary backgrounds ensuring a dynamic and challenging intellectual basis for research of the highest quality.

Research Themes


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health


Child and Adolescent Health


Health Systems and Management


 Immunisation and Infectious Diseases


Injury Prevention and Disaster Management


Non-Communicable Diseases


Global Health


Primary Health Care


Social Research


We also have expertise in many other areas, including health policy development and analysis, leadership and teamwork and health systems management; preventing and managing major population health challenges (in fectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, alcohol, tobacco and drugs, injuries and violence, chronic disease); community participation, ethics, equity and diversity; and research methods (qualitative methods, epidemiology and statistics).