School of Public Health and Community Medicine


Professor Raina MacIntyre
Head of School, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Professor MacIntyre is an international leader in infectious diseases epidemiology and involved in numerous influenza and respiratory virus research studies that directly inform national and international policy and practice in communicable disease control. She is an international pioneer in clinical face mask research, particularly in healthcare workers, but also in the community, and has a research interest in adult and elderly vaccination. She has also undertaken groundbreaking work on the transmission of tuberculosis in closed environments such as prisons. She runs a highly strategic research program spanning epidemiology, mathematical modelling, health economics, public health and clinical trials in infectious diseases. Currently, she leads a NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Population Health on Immunisation in under studied and special risk populations.

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Dr Abrar Chugtai
Post Doctoral Research Fellow and Research Team Manager

Dr Abrar is a public health practitioner and epidemiologist with 15 year track record of infectious disease control and research at national and international levels. His professional training is in Medicine, with academic training (MPH and PhD) from the University of New South Wales. He has been working for World Health Organization (WHO) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for more than seven years. He has extensive experience of Public Health Programs, particularly Tuberculosis Control in developing countries. His main areas of interest include influenza, emerging infectious diseases, vaccine preventable diseases and personal protective equipment.


Dr Abrar Chugtai


Dr Elizabeth Kpozehouen
Research Assistant and Administrator, Centres for Research Excellence

Administrative and research support to the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) in Immunisation in Under-studied and Special Risk Populations and also to ISER. She is a medical doctor trained in China.


Elizabeth Kpozehouen


Dr Aye Moa
Research Assistant

PhD candidate and research assistant Involved in studies focusing on influenza and respiratory virus research. Research Assistant to Prof Raina MacIntyre, providing grant writing support. She is a medical doctor trained in Myanmar and has a Master of Clinical Epidemiology.


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Dr Chau Bui
Research Assistant

Dr Chau Bui is a veterinarian, (Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney), with a Masters of International Public Health from the University of New South Wales. She is a research assistant and PhD candidate studying the epidemiology of avian influenza viruses in birds and humans using spatial modelling methods. Research interests include zoonotic emerging infectious diseases, spatial epidemiology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Dr Chau Bui


Nina Mili
Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to Prof Raina MacIntyre providing administrative support for Head of School activities.


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Xin (Jessie) Chen

Research Assistant

Xin Chen is a PhD candidate studying the advanced analytical methods for complex outbreaks investigation, which will be engaged within an internationally connected NHMRC CRE for epidemic response. She  completed the Master of Public Health (specialisation in infectious diseases control) from UNSW and Master of Clinical Medicine (Dermatology & STDs) from China. She is also a research assistant with Professor Raina MacIntyre and working with the Epi-watch team.

Xin (Jessie) Chen


Mr Dillon Adam

Research Officer, ISER

Dillon is an early career infectious disease epidemiologist with academic qualifications in Biomedical Science, Microbiology and Public Health, providing research support for studies in epidemic intelligence and response. He received his BSc from the University of Queensland and his MPH from the University of Sydney. He is the current project manager for Epi-watch, an outbreak scanning and rapid analysis observatory within the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Integrated Systems for Epidemic Response. Prior to joining UNSW, Dillon worked at the Western Sydney Centre for Population Health where he conducted infectious disease surveillance and research, with a particular focus of sexually transmissible infections.


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Ms Valentina Costantino

Research Officer (mathematical modelling)

Valentina is a mathematician who has completed a MPhil in modelling of varicella-zoster virus. She will be working on modelling of infectious diseases.



Research students

Christine Cooper  (pneumococcal vaccine) 

Vijay Kyaw Nath (disasters)

George Georgiadis (military medical workforce)

Alan Mclean (paramedicine)

Michael Wang (medical burnout)

Yi Zhang (influenza vaccine effectiveness)

Sonya Nicholl (immunisation programs) (co-supervisor)

Amit Saha (cholera vaccines) (co-supervisor)

Julie Dixon (influenza vaccination) (co-supervisor)

Marianne Gale (public health policy)

Amalie Dyda (adult vaccination) (co-supervisor)

Sevan Dirmesropian (elderly vaccination) (co-supervisor)

Alex Cardenas (paramedicine) (co-supervisor)