School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Centres and Units within SPHCM

Centres and Units within SPHCM

WHO Collaborating Centre for eHealth

The UNSW School of Public Health & Community Medicine is designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth, with Professor Siaw-Teng Liaw as Head of the Centre. The Collaborating Centre program of work for 2018-2021 will support: 1.    WHO activities in eHealth in areas such as strategy development, implementation, capacity building and evaluation; and 2.    WHO regional activities in eHealth in areas such as capacity building implementation and evaluation at the country level. The Collaborating Centre will work together with WHO regional offices to mobilize country actions around eHealth implementation and evaluation and capacity building at the country level to develop and implement Integrated Person Centred Health Services to support Universal Health Coverage within the inter-sectoral framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. ( Liaw ST et al. Global eHealth, Social Business and Citizen Engagement: A Natural Convergence? In: A.V. Gundlapalli et al. (Eds.). MEDINFO 2017: Precision Healthcare through Informatics. Hangzhou, China: IIMIA & IOS Press, 2017, p. 773-7)

Yunus Social Business Health Hub

Professor Mohammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate (Peace) from Bangladesh, created the idea of ‘Social Business’ to solve the global social problems in health, education and poverty. Transforming poor and marginalised communities through research into social business and health is the aim of a new agreement between UNSW and Professor Yunus. Under the MOU, UNSW’s School of Public Health and Community Medicine will collaborate with the Yunus Centre, established by the Nobel laureate, to improve health outcomes for poor communities in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. The Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) serves as a global hub for Professor Yunus’s global engagement and operates as a technology centre, research and development group that enables social businesses to grow into effective, problem-solving enterprises in health, education and renewable energy. The UNSW YSBC will have a focus on E-health and social aspects of health in the developing world.

Health Economics and Financing for Developing Countries

Policy-makers must have access to the best possible research and analysis to ensure their health investments save as many lives as possible. We are a group of health economists who work in partnership with other scientists and policy-makers to improve the way health care is delivered and financed in low and middle income countries. We work across the globe in a variety of contexts: in low-income countries (Cambodia, Kenya), middle-income countries (Fiji, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia) and post-conflict (Timor-Leste) to build stronger health systems.

International HIV Research Group (IHRG)

Working closely with national institutions, the International HIV Research Group conducts high quality social and behavioural research which provides essential strategic information needed to design cost effective and high impact interventions and underpins the development of appropriate policy responses by national partners.

International NCD Surveillance and Research Group

The International NCD Surveillance and Research Group is involved in research, teaching and service aimed at prevention and control of the major NCDs. We conduct research into the causes, prevention and control of morbidity and premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers and chronic obstructive lung disease. This provides essential strategic information needed for design, implementation and evaluation of effective and cost-effective interventions at a population level to reduce morbidity and premature mortality from these illnesses.