School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Internship overview


The internship course (6UOC) aims to provide students enrolled in the Master of Public Health, Master of International Public Health,  Master of Infectious Disease Intelligence or Master of Health Management degree programs (or dual degrees), with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in a relevant health organisation through a workplace internship of 6 weeks full-time equivalent duration (168 hours).

During the course, interns will have an opportunity to make valuable contributions to organisational initiatives that may involve areas such as policy development, planning, or evaluation associated with the delivery of public health or healthcare services, or the preparation, appraisal, implementation of health related projects. The activities and focus of the internship placement will be relevant to the organisation and student and can be either project or normal operations-based.

On successful completion of the internship placement, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate capacity to contribute to an organisation within the parameters of an agreed internship placement
  • Identify and delineate a significant practice based area for inquiry and focus, within the internship placement
  • Systematically collect and synthesise relevant information about the practice based area of inquiry drawing on relevant literature and workplace activities and experiences
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate the outcomes from engagement with the practice based area of inquiry
  • Demonstrate capacity for self and professional reflection
  • Provide a reflexive interpretation on the implications for future professional practice drawing upon the internship experience and relevant themes within the Master’s program

This is a merit based course and placements will be awarded based on the outcomes of a written application and interview. In order to be eligible to enrol, students must have completed at least 24 units of credit (UOC) prior to enrolling and achieved at least a credit point average. Note, single degree full-time students are eligible to apply before completing 24 UOC.

Prior to commencing on the placement, students will be required to meet with the course convener to discuss their placement including timing, responsibilities, OHS and risk management etc. The student will also be required to complete the relevant paperwork prior to departure i.e. risk assessment forms. The following costs will be the responsibility of the student: travel to and from the placement, accommodation (if applicable), visa/immunization (if applicable), food and other sundries etc. Items of expenditure connected with the completion of placement tasks will be borne by the organisation. Interns will not receive any remuneration.

If you are interested in undertaking an internship, it is important that you contact the course conveners to indicate your interest in this course.

This course is only available to currently enrolled School of Public Health and Community Medicine students.