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Human Resources for Health Knowledge Hub

Human Resources for Health Knowledge Hub

The AusAID funding for the Knowledge Hubs for Health Initiative commenced in 2008 and ended in June 2013. Over this period the HRH Knowledge Hub has engaged widely with stakeholders nationally and in the region to fulfil its mission. It has been guided by an Advisory Panel and Expert Committee comprised of international leaders in HRH. The HRH Hub has convened several key workshops and meetings over its tenure, bringing together health sector players from Asia and the Pacific with Australian experts. It has added value to Australia’s foreign aid program by the depth brought to partnerships by its location in a university. UNSW brought to the HRH Hub its long history as a leader in Health Management, along with its extensive alumni network in the region and the expertise of its academics.

The HRH Hub has also produced policy relevant documents and descriptions of country human resources for health issues categorised into 5 domains:

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Maternal, Newborn and Adolescent Reproductive Health
  3. Professional Migration and Mobility
  4. Public Heath Emergencies
  5. Strategic Intelligence related to changes occurring to health professions education in the Pacific

The HRH Hub worked in collaboration with international organisations, particularly WHO, and with country officials, academic institutions and researchers in the Asia Pacific region.

Into the future, the HRH agenda will be pursued within the flagship strength of UNSW in Health Systems Management and Leadership, which includes work of our academics in many other countries which were not a focus of the AusAID funded Hub, such as India and China.


Health Leadership & Management

Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

Health Worker Mobility

Public Health Emergencies Workforce


Health Leadership & Management

Maternal, Neonatal & Reproductive Health

Health Worker Migration

Public Health Emergencies & Workforce

Strategic Intelligence

Country Health Workforce Profiles