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Find out what current and past students have to say about their experiences in our programs. Click on the names below to read testimonials about what they enjoyed in their coursework and research programs and how these have made a difference to their careers.

Image Jasim Anwar

Jasim Anwar

PhD - Challenges of Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Surveillance in a rural district of Pakistan

I decided to enrol in a research degree at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW, because of its ranking among top universities in Australia, having a very experienced faculty and fast growing international linkages and projects across the globe.

Image Jonathan Malo

Jonathan Malo

Master of International Public Health / Master of Public Health (Dual Degree)

I initially enrolled in the Master of Public Health degree because of the extensive range of subjects, with many in my particular area of interest – communicable diseases. I soon realised there were more subjects that interested me than I could possibly fit into just the single degree, so I decided to complete a dual degree with the Master of International Public Health. As an external student, the ability to attend Summer School and have face-to-face contact with other students and staff was also an important consideration in my decision to enrol at UNSW.

Image Laurel Mimmo

Laurel Mimmo

Master of Public Health / Master of Health Management (Dual Degree)

I was looking to do further study but I wanted to look beyond a Masters of Nursing. At the time I had returned to undergraduate study at UNSW but found the this did not offer the intellectual stimulation I had hoped. I attended the UNSW PG open evening session and considered various options and schools. After speaking with the SPHCM team, I decided to enrol in the Master of Public Health. As I progressed through the coursework I became interested in the Health Management subjects as well. The Dual Masters program offered was ideal.

Image Dr Minh Duong Duong

Dr Minh Cuong Duong

PhD - The Magnitude of Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Virus Infections in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients with End Stage Renal Disease in a Low-resource Healthcare Setting in Vietnam: Implications for Infection Control

I won a 2012 Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Incoming Postgraduate Award and I chose to undertake my research PhD in Vietnam as I’m committed to improving patient safety in my country.

Image - Monica Cations

Monica Cations

PhD - What is the role of environment and lifestyle risk factors in younger onset dementia?

My decision to enrol in a PhD at UNSW was inspired by a presentation by Dr Adrienne Withall, a senior lecturer in the School and my now supervisor. I had been delivering services to people with dementia, but I was ready to make a contribution to the field at a higher level. I was captivated when Dr Withall visited my town to talk about her research into younger onset dementia (YOD). After speaking with her and researching around, I came to recognise the breadth of expertise in the School, the positive experience of previous students, and the array of valuable skills I would learn.

Image Sharon Salmon

Sharon Salmon

PhD - Hand Hygiene Barriers and Facilitators in Vietnam

I chose to enrol with the SPHCM as it has the best reputation of all Australian universities for its academic excellence and significant contributions to public health and its real field experience and dedication to ground breaking research. I was recommended Prof McLaws as the most experienced and internationally recognised professor to support my ambitions and this was the key step towards making my dreams an achievable reality.

Image - Chau Bui

Chau Bui

PhD – Spatial modelling of Avian influenza viruses in humans and birds

My main research interest is in the epidemiology of infectious diseases – in particular, zoonotic or emerging infectious diseases – from both animal health and human health perspectives. This interest has led me to start a PhD at SPHCM in March 2015 and I am now halfway through the second year. So far my research has been focused on avian influenza viruses (AIVs) and analysing the spatial-temporal distribution of AIVs and quantifying patterns of spread.

Kathryn Kirk

Kathryn Kirk

Internship in Master of International Public Health

I completed an Internship with the Fred Hollows Foundation – Sydney head office as part of my Master of International Public Health. The main reasons I enrolled in the internship was to put the knowledge and skills learnt in the degree into practice and establish networks in the field of International Public Health.

Samretta Caldwell

Samretta Caldwell

Master of International Public Health / Master of Health Management (Dual Degree)

I chose to enrol at UNSW because the courses offered afforded me the opportunity to contribute to my country’s (Liberia) post war development. Furthermore, the availability of a dual masters program presented me the chance to achieve important competencies in health management and public health, which are vital to my role as a health practitioner, at the same time. The international perspective of courses facilitated my reflection on the prevailing health status of people in my country and helped shape my plans for contributing to improved health.

Carah Figueroa-Crisostomo

Carah Figueroa-Crisostomo

Master of International Public Health / Master of Public Health (Dual Degree)

I decided to undertake a MIPH/MPH following my studies in Medical Science (Honours) specialising in Medical Microbiology and Immunology, underscoring my keen interest in infectious disease research. The decision to study a MIPH/MPH was also shaped by my volunteering experience locally and abroad. Recently, in Nepal I undertook a Medical elective project and taught community health to high school students. In Ghana, I undertook a Public Health project working alongside community health nurses and evaluating studies conducted at a health research centre.