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Find out what current and past students have to say about their experiences in our programs. Click on the names below to read testimonials about what they enjoyed in their coursework and research programs and how these have made a difference to their careers.

Image Dr Sonia Chanchlani

Dr Sonia Chanchlani

Master of Health Management / Master of Public Health (Dual Degree)

After finishing medical school I pursued specialty training with the Royal College of Medical Administrators and decided to undertake the Master of Health Management as an internal student at UNSW as it was highly recommended by my colleagues.  After the excellent teaching and breadth of expertise I was exposed to in the first few months, I was easily able to extend my masters to include the Master of Public Health after realising the potential of the dual degree in expanding my career opportunities.

Desmond Gul image

Desmond Gul

Master of Public Health (Extension)

After doing much research on Master of Public Health courses offered in Australia, I felt that SPHCM at UNSW is a leader with much expertise in infectious disease epidemiology.  This was an area that I wanted to get into and the wide range of courses offered at UNSW in this field is really interesting and contemporary.  I would have loved to be able to do them all but of course had to carefully select the courses to fit into my degree framework.  The ability to do it as an external student living in Melbourne meant that it was easy to accommodate the workload around my time.

Image - Dina Vassilevska

Dina Vassilevska

Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence

I chose to undertake my studies at UNSW, as it was the only university offering a specific coursework masters in the area of Infectious Diseases. I was drawn by the large choice of subjects taught, both internally and externally, by some of the leading academics in the field of public health. The SPHCM has a reputation of excellence and expertise in the field of epidemiology and immunisation research, further reaffirming my choice.

Image - Asma Awadh

Asma Awadh

Master of International Public Health / Master of Health Management (Dual Degree)

I chose to enrol in a degree at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine over other universities because of the opportunity of obtaining a dual degree. I work in a maternal public sector hospital which caters specifically for patients of low socioeconomic status. The new skills I have acquired will enable me to improve on neonatal care and best methods on educating care givers on infection prevention and malnutrition.

Image - Belinda Ford

Belinda Ford

Master of Public Health / Master of Health Management (Dual Degree); Internship

After completion of my undergrad degree, I enrolled in a Masters of Public Health through another regional Australian university so that I could develop my skills and knowledge in health programs and give me an edge in my early career.  After a few years I deferred from my studies, and having moved to Sydney, I decided to transfer my MPH enrolment to UNSW SPHCM. The main incentive was that I could enrol in the combined MPH/MHM which was not available at other universities.

Profile - Alexander Mann

Alexander Mann

Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence

I decided to undertake the Master of Infectious Disease Intelligence (MIDI) at UNSW to further my understanding of infectious disease epidemiology following completion of my Master of Public Health. The faculty, extensive international involvement, and the unique MIDI course offered by the School of Public Health and Community Medicine made my choice of UNSW an easy decision. The calibre and experience of the academic staff at UNSW played a large role, as rarely can you find such a combination of practical field-based experience and extensive academic experience in the same program.

Gemma Whitley profile

Gemma Whitley

Master of Public Health / Master of International Public Health (Dual Degree)

Following completion of my undergrad degree in Exercise Physiology at UNSW, I worked in my field for a couple of years and then wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next. Rather than make any sensible and well thought out life decisions, I quit my job and went travelling for the next few years. When I came back to Sydney I was still unsure about what I wanted to do but I knew that I wanted to have a broader impact in my work and try to reach as many people as possible. Fresh from new experiences abroad I also wanted to have the opportunity to work in communities overseas.

Image - Lisa Calder

Lisa Calder

Graduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases Intelligence

I decided to enrol in a degree at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW because I was looking for a career in Public Health and the Graduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases Intelligence was not offered at any other university. It was attractive, given it was offered externally, allowing for flexible learning with the option of going on to complete a Master of  Infectious Diseases Intelligence.

Dr Rashid Ansari

Dr Rashid Ansari

PhD - Self-management of type 2 diabetes: focusing on the middle-aged population of rural area of Pakistan

I commenced my PhD studies at SPHCM as an external student in April 2016 and was honoured that I was accepted by two excellent supervisors: Dr Hassan Hosseinzadeh, an academic with expertise in health education and health promotion and Prof Nicholas Zwar, a general physician with outstanding research profile in chronic disease management in general practice and primary health care.

Image Daniela Feuerlicht

Daniela Feuerlicht

Master of Public Health / Master of Health Management (Dual Degree)

I am very passionate about learning and wanted to enrol in a masters program that would create opportunities. When I initially enrolled in the Dual Degree at the SPHCM, I was not sure which direction I wanted to go (public health or health management) and the dual masters allowed me to do both. I chose UNSW as a few of my colleagues had completed masters through the SPHCM and commended the content and organisation. Their recommendation was really important to me, as I wanted to ensure that I was enrolled in a program where I was not disadvantaged by being an external student.