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Master of Health Management and Master of Business Administration

A unique opportunity to study in two countries – Australia and India.

Fast track your career in health management

Health care is a universal need, and the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the worldwide economy. Ageing and affluent populations, the need to provide top quality care for parents from a distance, improvements in medical technology, expansion of private health care and a growing realisation by governments of the need to get value for money from their health spending means that there will be significant opportunities for career advancement in health care management – if you have the right qualifications. People with medical or non-medical backgrounds can develop a career in health management.

In order to fulfil this growing demand for highly skilled health care managers, the School of Public Health and Community Medicine (SPHCM) at the University of New South Wales in Australia (UNSW Australia) has joined forces with India’s SRM University to offer a two-year articulation double degree program (MBA-MHM).

SPHCM/SRM MBA-MHM Articulation

In only two years, students can achieve two degrees that would normally take three years to complete if pursued separately.

Students take the flagship Master of Health Management (MHM) degree in Australia and the popular Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from SRM University in India. The MHM program at UNSW is the oldest and largest in Australia, with recognised brand value and alumni in senior health positions around the world. The SRM MBA program is highly regarded in India and internationally.

Many students interested in a career in health management choose between a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Health Management (MHM). At UNSW, we offer a smart option which enables candidates to obtain both degrees in 2 years full-time, and to gain experience across two different countries (India and Australia). SRM University will award credit for the UNSW MHM toward their MBA (normally a 2 year program) to enable both programs to be completed in 2 years. This unique articulation arrangement allows Indian students to learn health management in the UNSW MHM along with the business skills needed in the MBA program offered by SRM University, Chennai, India.  

This program allows Indian students to benefit from the leading expertise in health management at UNSW, and allows Australian and International students at UNSW to benefit from understanding business concepts and health systems in India. It is ideal for UNSW candidates who are interested in health sector opportunities in India, as it will lay the foundations for understanding business practices in India.

Program details

Students who are enrolled in SRM’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) and who meet UNSW’s Master of Health Management (MHM) entry requirements may apply to enter the UNSW’s MHM. UNSW MHM students who wish to do a MBA at SRM may also take this program.

The SRM-UNSW Program involves students studying a minimum of two semesters at SRM and a minimum of two semesters at UNSW, subject to them satisfying progression requirements at all stages.

On successful completion of each individual program, the students will be awarded the relevant degree (the MHM by UNSW and the MBA by SRM). 

This is an articulation agreement, not a dual award agreement. Students will be required to complete all academic requirements of the UNSW MHM. The teaching at UNSW and SRM will be conducted in English. SRM is responsible for admitting students to the MBA. UNSW is responsible for admitting students to the MHM degree program.


To be eligible for entry to UNSW, SRM students must meet the requirements of the UNSW MHM and supply evidence that the applicant’s English language ability meets the UNSW requirement for admission. Step by step application procedures for international students can be found on the UNSW website, see How to apply to study at UNSW.

For entry requirements into the MBA at SRM University please refer to their International Admission website.

About SRM University

SRM University is a leading private university in India. The University comprises several faculties including engineering, health sciences and management. It offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs and is located in a sprawling campus near Chennai city in South India with well-equipped infrastructure for learning and recreation.

The School of Management, one of the largest B schools in India (with more than 1,000 enrolments per year) offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, which focuses on the core business skills such as marketing, human resources and operations management.

The program has been developed with the applied model known as learning through application, experience and participation, with a high level of interaction with the healthcare industry. Alumni of the MBA program are highly regarded both in India and internationally.


The School of Public Health and Community Medicine at UNSW is a leading public health training and research institute in the Asia Pacific region. SPHCM offers the oldest and the largest health management training program in Australia. The Master of Health Management (MHM) program gives students the practical skills they will need to become health leaders of the future. Staff have expertise in strategic planning, policy and decision-making, clinical governance, risk management, healthcare economics and finance management.

The program is accredited by the Australian College of Health Services Management (ACHSM) and meets the core requirements for a fellowship with the Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA). Alumni of the MHM program hold senior managerial positions in health care organisations around the world.