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The Public Health Security Cluster

Interested in disaster and emergency management, security and public health? Take your career to the next level by enrolling today in a program from the Public Health Security Cluster.

The risk of bioterrorism and pandemics is increasing. Natural disasters and forced displacement of people pose additional public health challenges. First responders in the field must have a cross-disciplinary understanding of the health aspects of emergency response and disaster recovery in a wide range of situations.

The PLuS Alliance is a ground breaking new union between UNSW Sydney, Arizona State University and King’s College London. It was formed to tackle complex problems and provide a global learning experience. You can choose from a suite of programs in public health, emergency management and security. They will equip graduates with advanced disciplinary skills in disaster and epidemic management.

Three programs are available in public health and security are:

You can do these programs fully online or face-to-face. Whether you're interested in disaster management, emergency response or public health and biosecurity you'll have course work from both UNSW and ASU in your program. You'll be part of the unique global experience in the virtual classroom with students from both universities.

We use novel teaching methods including the web series Pandemic. Our expert international speakers come from a range of agencies which include law enforcement as well as defence and public health. They provide unparalleled, cross-sectoral insights into public health, biosecurity and emergency response. We also have faculty from both UNSW and ASU teaching across all three programs.

We cater for a variety of backgrounds and include pre-course modules for participants from outside the health sector. Whatever your needs, we have a program for you. Get in touch for more information.

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