School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Plus Alliance Overview

The School of Public Health and Community Medicine is excited to be the first school at UNSW to be participating in collaborative teaching programs in the PLuS Alliance with Arizona State University and King’s College London. The alliance amongst three of the world’s leading universities will enable the institutions to join forces to help find research-led solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges.  You can read more about this new partnership on the PLuS Alliance website.

We are very excited to be offering courses with Arizona State University (ASU), as part of the Plus Alliance. Students from ASU will be able to complete a number of SPHCM courses in the fields of Emergency Management, Global Health and Infectious Diseases. Students from UNSW will be able to complete specialised courses offered by ASU in Emergency Management that are not currently available at UNSW.

These opportunities creates a global classroom which enables students from both countries to enhance the learning experience by sharing their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Additional collaborative teaching programs involving King’s College London and Arizona State University are also offered with the Bachelor of International Public Health (BIPH).