School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Information for UNSW Students

This website is to provide UNSW students with the relevant information in regard to undertaking a PLuS Alliance course at Arizona State University as part of your SPHCM degree.

Course Information

Students are able to do a maximum of two courses at Arizona State University (ASU) towards their SPHCM Master's degree and one ASU course for an SPHCM Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma.

Please refer to the UNSW Handbook for the list of courses available. ASU courses available to SPHCM students all have the UNSW Course Codes YMED.

How to Enrol?

Students can enrol in and drop ASU courses via myUNSW. 

What Happens Next?

You will then obtain access to ASU systems and you will receive communication regarding this from Arizona State University approximately 3 days before the course start date.  Please note ASU uses Canvas (not Moodle) but support information will be provided so students know how to navigate Canvas.

Further information will be added to this website over the coming months. Below you will find some FAQS that will provide you with some information in the meantime.

PLuS Alliance Orientation

All students studying courses as part of the PLuS Alliance should refer to the PLuS Alliance Orientation website once your enrolment is finalised. 

Plus Alliance FAQS for UNSW students

Do the ASU courses run at the same time as UNSW courses?

No. ASU uses a larger number of shorter teaching periods compared to UNSW. The Teaching Periods that have been confirmed are listed below:

  • 13 January to 4 March 2020 (ASU term ASA) (Spring A) - Term 1 @ UNSW
  • 16 March to 9 May 2020 (ASU term ASB) - Spring B - Term 1 @ UNSW
  • 18 May to 26 June 2020 (ASU term AUA) (Summer A) - Term 2 @ UNSW
  • 2 July to 11 August 2020 (ASU term AUB) (Summer B) - Term 2 @ UNSW
  • 20 August - 8 October 2020 (ASU term AFA) (Fall A) - Term 2 @UNSW
  • 14 October to 12 December 2020 (ASU term AFB) (Fall B) - Term 3 @ UNSW

How do I Enrol in an ASU course?
Students enrol in and drop ASU courses on myUNSW.

How do I know what courses are available?
For postgraduate courses please refer to the PLuS Alliance timetable. For undergraduate courses please refer to the BIPH Course Offerings page.

What tuition fees do I pay?
Students will pay the same tuition fees for the ASU courses as they do for their current UNSW courses. If you have a CSP place then you will pay CSP fees. If you have a Full Fee place – you will pay full fees and so on.

Is HECS-HELP available for ASU courses if I have a Commonwealth Supported Place?
Yes HECS-HELP is available for ASU courses.

Where can I find key dates for the ASU courses?
Key Dates can be found on the UNSW Key Dates website (using the filter PLuS Alliance).

What is the Census Date for ASU courses?
Please refer to the UNSW Census Dates website (using the filter PLuS Alliance) for information about Census Date and the last day to withdraw from ASU courses without incurring tuition fees.
Will ASU courses appear in my Moodle?
No. ASU uses Canvas and you will have access to the course content on Canvas. ASU will send you the relevant information on how to access Canvas.

Are the assessments the same as UNSW courses?
Please bear in mind that the ASU courses require students to submit smaller more frequent pieces of assessment compared to UNSW. This is all part of the learning experience you will obtain by undertaking a course at an American university.

When will I get access to the Course Outlines and Canvas?
You will receive access to the Course Outline and Canvas approximately 3 days before the start of the course.

If I need support for the ASU course –should I contact UNSW or ASU?
You should contact ASU for any support you might need in regard to Canvas, IT issues or any other administrative issues.

Are the course grades in ASU equivalent at UNSW?
No. ASU uses a letter grading system (A, B, C, D, F) whereas UNSW uses Fail, Pass, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction. Grades received from ASU courses will be converted to an equivalent UNSW grade that appears on your transcript. The grade conversion table can be found here: