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Postgraduate Internal Transfers and Articulation between Programs

Articulation between programs

Procedure to apply for articulation between programs or a Internal Transfer

Sponsored students

Postgraduate Internal Transfers


This information outlines how students can articulate and transfer between programs within the School of Public Health and Community Medicine without having to apply through UAC or the UNSW Admissions office.

Articulation between Programs

The following Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Masters and Masters with Extension can articulate with each other. This means students in the Graduate Certificate can transfer to the Graduate Diploma or the Masters degree.
Degree Grad Cert Grad Dip Masters Extension
Public Health 7368 5507 9045 9046
International Public Health 7367 5567 9048 9051
Health Management 7360 5509 8901 8902
Infectious Diseases Intelligence 5362 7362 8362 N/A
  • Students can articulate to a higher level qualification upwards from: Graduate Certificate > Graduate Diploma > Masters > Masters with Extension
  • Students can also exit with a lower award from: Masters with Extension > Masters > Graduate Diploma > Graduate Certificate
  • Students who are enrolled in a Masters degree can also articulate to one of the School’s Dual Degrees and the same principle applies. Please note that students can only articulate to a dual degree program that is currently available in the school. Students cannot articulate to a dual degree program that is not available.
  • Articulation is subject to the approval of the Program Director and achievement of satisfactory progress in the current degree program.
  • Students wishing to articulate upwards are expected to have satisfactorily completed at least 50% of the courses in the degree in which you want to articulate into. For example if you are a Graduate Diploma student and you want to articulate to the Masters, you must complete at least 4 courses (50% of the Masters degree) satisfactorily before you can apply to articulate to the Masters degree.  If you do not meet this requirement your request to articulate will not be approved.
  • Students are not permitted to articulate from one degree to another if the degree has been conferred and awarded. Please note students are not able to receive 3 degrees – i.e. complete and graduate with a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters degree in the same area. Students articulating between programs should graduate with one degree only.
  • Students can only transfer between degrees if they have not been completed. Students who have completed and been awarded their program cannot articulate but may apply for Admission to the appropriate higher level program. If your application to the higher program is successful, you will then be governed by the credit transfer rules applicable to that program.
  • Students wishing to transfer to a Masters with an Extension (single program or dual degree) component must have a Credit Average (65%) in the first 48uoc before this will be approved.


Postgraduate Internal Transfers

  • The SPHCM allows the Internal Transfer of Postgraduate Programs without having to submit an application via the UAC or the UNSW Admissions Office. To be eligible to transfer programs internally, students must meet the entry requirements to that program and have undertaken a minimum of one semester of study in their current program and be in Good Academic Standing. Please refer to the information on the Postgraduate Program Transfer website.
  • New Students who wish to transfer Postgraduate Programs prior to completing any courses will need to do the following:
    • Local students – please add a preference for the program that you wish to transfer into on your UAC application. You will then be considered for that program. Please bear in mind UAC application deadlines which is also the last day to add a preference to your UAC application.
    • International students – you will need to contact the UNSW Admissions Office and advise them of your request to transfer programs. The Admissions office will then contact SPHCM and your application will be considered. Please complete the online enquiry form for the UNSW Admissions Office.


Sponsored Students

Sponsored students (Australia Awards, Endeavour Scholarships etc) wishing to change their postgraduate degree must first obtain the permission of their sponsor. Please make an appointment to meet with a student advisor in the Student Development International Office to discuss changing degrees with them in the first instance. Students should do this prior to the commencement of semester to ensure the transfer can be processed in time. Once you have obtained the permission of your sponsor, then please follow the internal process outlined below in regard to transferring degrees. If you have any further questions please contact us on


Procedure to apply for an Articulation between Programs or a Postgraduate Internal Transfer

  1. Please complete the Postgraduate Internal Transfer Form.
  2. You should submit the form to the SPHCM Education Support team -  by the following deadlines:

    Semester 1 – 15 February
    Semester 2 – 15 July

    Please note: Transfers are processed once results are released each semester. If applications are received after the deadline, your request will be considered for the following semester.

  3. If approved by the Director of the relevant program, you will be advised via email if your application has been successful. You will be advised what credit you will receive.
  4. If you are articulating into a lower degree and have completed the requirements, you will be processed to graduate at the next available graduation ceremony.