School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Special Consideration

You can apply for special consideration when illness or other circumstances interfere with your assessment performance.

On some occasions sickness, misadventure, or other circumstances beyond your control may prevent you from completing a course requirement, and attending or submitting assessable work for a course.  The University has procedures that allow you to apply for consideration for the affected assessments. Depending on the circumstances, the University may take action to allow you to overcome the disadvantage; eg. give you additional assessment or extend a deadline. You should note that merely submitting a request for Special Consideration does not automatically mean that you will be granted leave, nor that you will be awarded an amended result.

You must make a formal application for Special Consideration for the course/s affected as soon as practicable after the problem occurs and within three working days of the assessment to which it refers. The application can made made online through myUNSW (see 'How to Apply'). You must obtain and attach Third Party documentation before submitting the application. Failure to do so may result in the application being rejected. Submit to Student Central either original supporting documentation, or a completed ‘Professional Authority’ form.