School of Public Health and Community Medicine


The Semester 1 2018 Examination Period is 8 June - 25 June 2018. Students are required to be available over the entire examination period for any exams.

The Provisional Semester 1 2018 Exam Timetable is released on 23 April 2018.

The Final Semester 1 2018 Exam Timetable is released on 27 April 2018.

The exam timetable is finalised by the UNSW Exams Unit and the school has no influence over the timing of the exam.


Information for PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics Exam

Students who are expected to sit the exam at the UNSW Campus

  • All Internal Students - Students who are enrolled internally (attend face to face classes) are required to sit their exam at the UNSW Campus.
  • External Students who reside in Sydney - All external students who reside in the Sydney metropolitan area are expected to sit the exam at the UNSW campus.

Students who sit the exam with an Invigilator

  • External Students who live outside Sydney - External who do live outside the Sydney metropolitan area will sit the exam with an invigilator. These students will need to find and notify the School of their nominated invigilator (exam supervisor). Your invigilator is responsible for receiving, administering and returning your exam to the school. Students sitting the exam with an invigilator are required to sit the exam on the same day and time as internal students.
  • Students who will be using an invigilator must complete the ONLINE Invigilator Form on the PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics Moodle page by Friday 4 May 2018. Late forms will not be accepted.

Other categories

  • Students who live in Canberra/ACT - For students who live in Canberra or ACT, we will organise a venue at UNSW Canberra/ADFA for you to sit the exam. If you choose to sit the exam at ADFA please write this clearly on the invigilator form – sitting the Exam at UNSW Canberra”. There will be no charge to students as we will pay for an invigilator for you.
  • External Students who reside outside of Sydney but wish to sit the exam in Sydney - If you are an external student who lives outside of Sydney but wish to travel to Sydney to sit the exam at the UNSW Campus – please complete the Invigilator form with a note in the invigilator section – Sitting the Exam at UNSW Campus.

Invigilator Information

  • The invigilator must be a professional, responsible and reliable, over 21 years of age and must not be related to you or associated with you on a personal basis.
  • Students who choose to arrange exam invigilation at another tertiary institution / organisation should check with the organisation if there are any charges for this service as students are responsible for any costs incurred.
  • Please note that your invigilator must be in attendance for the duration of the examination and the candidate must follow the UNSW Exam Rules and Policy. Further details about examination timetables and special arrangements are also listed on the UNSW Exams website.
  • If there are alterations to your invigilation arrangements after 4 May 2018, the School must be notified via to ensure that your examination is not affected.