School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Course Resources


For some courses, required or recommended texts are nominated by the course convenor in addition to the course notes.  Students are strongly advised to buy the recommended texts. Copies are usually available in High Use Collection in the UNSW Library or can be purchased from the UNSW Bookshop.

Course packs

Please ensure that you obtain a copy of the course pack before your first class or workshop or before Week 1 if your course has no face-to-face component.  If you are unable to obtain a copy of the course pack before your first class, please ensure that you download the course outline and bring it to class.  Course packs are available as follows:

  1. For purchase in printed format from the UNSW Bookshop.  
  2. In electronic format via UNSW Moodle with links to course readings.

UNSW Bookshop

Textbooks and course packs can be purchased from the UNSW Bookshop which is located on campus. Text-lists and course packs are listed with prices and ordering information under course codes on the UNSW Bookshop website prior to the start of each semester.  To locate books and course packs for individual courses, go to the UNSW Bookshop website, click on ‘Textbooks’ and type in the course code, eg. for the course PHCM9012 Health Promotion, type PHCM9012.  The UNSW Bookshop also has a mail order service. For more details see UNSW Bookshop.