School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Research Student Travel Procedure

All postgraduate research candidates travelling on UNSW business, including attending conferences supported by PRSS funding, must comply with the UNSW Travel Policy and Travel Procedure.

For a step-by-step guide on getting approval, booking your travel, travel insurance and final preparations, visit UNSW Travel.

In line with the UNSW Travel policy, UNSW Travel Procedure, and UNSW Insurance Policies and Insurance Services, the following procedure has been developed for travel bookings in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine.


  1. You are required to complete a risk assessment for your intended travel based on the SPHCM examples. Check if you require an additional UNSW Risk Management form (HS017) for travel to high risk areas using the Decision Tree.
  2. If you are funded by UNSW, register travel using: online travel management system (Serko).
  3. Complete TR1 UNSW Travel Approval Form.
  4. Create a “My Trips” profile in the section of the UNSW International SOS Portal.
  5. Complete SPHCM Student Travel Application Form and checklist. Please also ensure to update your emergency contact details on myUNSW.
  6. Check you are appropriately covered by insurance. See Travel Guide to check if you are covered. 
  7. Get approval and sign off from your supervisor.
  8. All documents must be forwarded to

NOTE: For candidates working away from the University for a period of time such as fieldwork, are required to submit a Variation to Candidature

Additional Information

All students are also required to register on the Australian Government Smart Traveller website. This is extremely important as in the unlikely event there is an emergency the Australian Government can quickly and easily locate you. We also suggest you leave a complete itinerary with a family member should there be any reason they need to contact you.

Students should also read the UNSW How to prepare for depature information and follow requirements.

What do you do if something happens overseas

Should a critical incident happen whilst overseas the following steps should be taken:

  • Information is available online via the International SOS Portal or by calling the International SOS Sydney Assistance Centre on +61 2 9372 2468.
  • Advise UNSW Global office on +61 2 9385 7276 (during Office Hours).
  • Contact UNSW Security on +61 2 9385 6666 (after Office Hours).