School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Flexible online program delivery

Study Modes

Internal and External

All programs in the school can be completed via external study (without attending any face-to-face classes) or in the traditional face-to- face mode by attending classes on campus.  Students can also tailor their study by combining distance and face-to-face classes as it suits them. The school understands that our students have work and family commitments and require flexibility when completing their studies. Programs can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The School is aware that distance students require additional support and the school endeavours to provide information regularly via videos, student newsletters and online discussions in courses.  Distance student should also refer to the Key Information for Distance Students which outlines key services available for distance students.

Internal (Face-to-face)
Internal courses are conducted on campus with face-to-face classes held over 12 weeks. Many internal classes will also involve an online learning component such as discussion forums. Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of face-to-face classes. Students who cannot commit to this should enrol in the relevant course in the distance mode..

External (Distance)
External courses are offered in distance mode over 12 weeks. Students may watch video recorded lectures and participate in other online activities including discussion forums, webinars, interactive online lessons and online quizzes. It is essential that distance students interact with other students and their lecturers online to get the most out of the course.

Residential Week

The School runs a Residential Week the week before Semester 1 and 2 commences. All workshops during the Residential Week are optional for students. The workshops give students the opportunity to get an overview of the course and get to know their lecturers and fellow students before the semester commences.   A timetable for the Residential Week can be found on the SPHCM Timetables website.

New students should also note that the school runs a number of induction and welcome sessions in the Residential week including:

  • Meet and Greet session to welcome new students to the school
  • Moodle Induction
  • EndNote training
  • Administration of your degree session

Students are expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements to attend the Residential Week.

Summer School

The School offers courses during the Summer Session as intensive classes or by distance. Summer School enables students to fast track through their degree and complete unique electives which are not offered in other semesters. Please refer to the SPHCM Summer School website for more details.