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Research Project Topics

Students can elect to take a Research Project (PHCM9148 (6 UOC), PHCM9144 (12 UOC), PHCM9150 (18 UOC)) as part of their coursework degree. The project comprises an in-depth study of a public health, health management or international health issue or topic. The project may be in the form of a small-scale research study, a case study, a program evaluation or a report on field placement. Students wishing to enrol in a project must obtain permission.


Listen to a video on Research Projects and hear about some of the research projects available in the School. Video slides can also be accessed separately here:

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Available Research Projects

Available Research Projects are listed below. If you are interested in undertaking one of the research projects listed please contact the academic member of staff directly.


Smoking cessation among ex-prisoners after release from smokefree prisons in NSW

Despite plummeting smoking rates among the general population, certain sub-populations have much higher smoking rates. One example is prisoners, who smoke at rates five times higher than the NSW community. Most prisoners would like to quit, however ¾ of those who try say that attempting to quit in prison is harder than it is outside of prison. Smoking bans were implemented in NSW Correctional Centres in Aug 2015 but to date, there has been no evaluation of the effectiveness of the ban.

This is an opportunity for you to experience research among a significantly marginalised group in the Australian population. I am conducting an observation study to examine ex-prisoners’ maintenance of smoking abstinence following release and am offering a 6UOC, 12UOC or 18 UOC (Extension) research project to Masters students enrolled in the School of Population Health in 2020-21 Summer Term, or Term 1, 2021.

If you are interested in undertaking this research project please contact Professor Robyn Richmond, by email

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