School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Independent Studies

Masters Students who wish to undertake a research degree  will need to complete 12UoC of research to be considered for entry into the PhD program. For further information please refer to Articulation from a Master by Coursework to PhD

Independent studies are designed to provide opportunities for candidates to pursue interests and areas of study not addressed in existing courses. They are recommended particularly for candidates who wish to explore specific health or education related problems within their own discipline or area. Students wishing to enrol in an independent study must obtain approval from their program director.

How to enrol in an Independent Study

  1. The course load should be commensurate with that of a 6 unit of credit elective course.
  2. A supervisor with whom you must regularly correspond for a certain period of time on a weekly / fortnightly basis must be appointed. It is up to you to initiate action in this regard, by negotiating with one of the academic staff of the School.
  3. Before you can be enrolled in an Independent Study you will need to complete an 'Application to undertake an Independent Study' form and have it approved by your supervisor. The proposal should include details of your topic, methods, assessment, duration (Term 1, Term 2 or Term 3).  Please return to the completed form to the SPHCM Postgraduate Coursework Office for enrolment by Monday of O Week of the relevant term. 
  4. You should negotiate with your supervisor and agree in advance on the scope of the work, requirements for submission and how you will be assessed.