School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Graduation SPHCM


Once students have completed the requirements for their degree, and the Student Administration team has confirmed that you have completed your degree requirements, you will be eligible to graduate. Please note students are assessed for graduation based on the program structure from the year you commenced your degree. The program structure including units of credit that you are required to complete can be found in the Online Handbook. If you are completing a specialisation in your degree, it is important to ensure you have met the specialisation requirements as outlined in the Online Handbook.

Students can check their graduation status on myUNSW, under their Student Profile.

Once students have been confirmed for graduation and “completed” on your academic record after the release of results, students can obtain further information in regards to the graduation ceremony from the Graduation Office. The Graduation Office organises the graduation ceremonies each year. Further information can be found on the Graduations website.

  • Semester 1 completing students attend graduation ceremonies in November*
  • Semester 2 and Summer completing students attend graduation ceremonies in June*

* Please do not make travel arrangements until your ceremony has been allocated in myUNSW, and you have RSVP’d to confirm your attendance.

If your graduation details have not been finalised please note the following reasons why your graduation may still be pending:

  • You must clear all outstanding debts with the University. Debts include all fees, loans, library fines and equipment. If your debt is not cleared before graduation your graduation will be blocked and you will not be added to the conferral list until the debts are cleared.
  • All outstanding enrolment including pending grades including WD, WC, LE must be finalised before you are eligible to graduate.
  • If you have credit that is yet to be added to your academic record, this must be finalised and added to your academic record before you will roll-over to ‘Completed’.

Students who require a letter confirming they have completed their degree can obtain an award statement from Student Central. Please visit the Student Central website for more information.

Award with Excellence

In Semester 1 2016, UNSW introduced a new policy to award degrees “with Excellence” to any Postgraduate Coursework student enrolled in a Masters program at UNSW who has completed their studies with a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 80 or higher. This will be implemented for the first time for students who are enrolled and completing their degree in Semester 1 2016.

Award with Excellence is awarded when a WAM of at least 80 has been achieved in all courses completed since enrolment at UNSW that are credited to the relevant award. These include courses from other UNSW programs of study for which credit has been granted and courses completed as part of a graduate certificate and/or graduate diploma that articulates to the masters.

Please note: PHCM9100 Academic Practice will not be included in the calculation for “with Excellence” as it worth 0 units of credit.

Further information and criteria can be found in the Structure of Postgraduate Programs Procedure – Section 2.6 Award with Excellence.

Students are not required to do anything further and the student administration team will calculate the students who will be awarded “with Excellence” when students are checked for graduation. You will be able to see this noted on your official academic transcript and testamur. All students who will be eligible for “with Excellence” will be notified via email shortly after the release of results in their final semester.