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Enrolment Information

There are several important dates to keep in mind when enrolling and these are posted on the UNSW Enrolment Dates website. The School also has a Key Dates website that students can also refer to.

Key Enrolment Dates

  • 19 April - Semester 2 2018 Enrolment Opens
  • 2 July - Recommended Date to finalise enrolment in Semester 2 2018 courses (Note: enrolment in courses can be completed after this date)
  • 16 July - Residential Week starts
  • 23 July - Semester 2 2018 commences
  • 27 July - Last Day for all International students to arrive in Sydney (Note: Any international student who is not in Sydney by this date will not be permitted to commence their studies and will be required to defer to the following semester)
  • 29 July - Last Day to enrol in a Semester 2 course on myUNSW

Enrolment Guides

Enrolment is completed each semester at UNSW. The school has created comprehensive Enrolment Guides for students so key enrolment information is in one document. Students in Dual Degree programs can refer to either enrolment guide:

Please note it is your responsibility to enrol in the correct courses for your degree and to manage your enrolment via myUNSW. Students should follow the below instructions to finalise their enrolment each semester.

Complete Personal Details (Current students only)

Before you enrol you will need to update your contact details. UNSW is required to keep updated contact details for all students. The first time only that you click on 'Update Enrolment' each semester you will be taken to the Address page. Complete these updates to ensure you are able to proceed to enrolment.

Select your Courses

Students should consider the courses they are going to enrol in that semester taking into account core and elective courses that will be offered. The timetable might also affect student's choices with courses. Students should refer to the below websites to assist them:

Enrol via myUNSW

All students will enrol in their courses online via myUNSW. Step by Step guides to assist with enrolment are available on the UNSW Enrolment Guides website. If you need further assistance with the online enrolment process please contact the UNSW Enrolment Support Centre on or
+61 2 9385 8500.

Residential Week Workshops

Optional workshops for students will be held in the Residential Week (one week before semester starts for Semester 1and 2 only). All workshops are optional. Please note there may be workshops on 1day or 2 days for each course. Please check the SPHCM Residential Week timetable to find out if there are workshops for courses in which you are enrolled. There may also be other induction workshops taking place during the residential week so please check the timetable for information on these.

Further Questions and Assistance

If you have any further questions regarding the timetable, courses or enrolment please contact us or visit us in person at Level 2, Samuels Building.

SPHCM Postgraduate Student Services

Tel: +61 2 9385 1699
Fax: +61 2 9385 1526
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Closer to the start of semester students should note the following:

UNSW Student Email

Please ensure to check your UNSW student email on a regular basis closer to the start of semester as emails will be sent to students with key start of semester information.

Payment of Tuition Fees

Fee statements will be available on myUNSW approximately 2 weeks before classes commence. Payment due date is end of the first week of semester.

Please keep in mind that the fee liability with UNSW is your responsibility. Payment must be received by the due dates as indicated for each semester.
Further information about Tuition Fees can be found on the UNSW Tuition Fees website.


Each course will have a Moodle page where all the relevant course information including course outline, readings, announcement page, discussion forums can be found. The Moodle course page is usually released to students 1 week before the commencement of semester.  For more information please visit the UNSW Moodle website.

Course Notes

Course Notes refer to the Course Outline and Readings for a course. All course notes will be available on Moodle electronically. Some courses will also have hard copy course notes that will be available to purchase from the UNSW Bookshop. Course Notes can be ordered online and mailed to students. All students will be emailed which courses will have hard copy course notes shortly before the start of each semester.