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General Education

The School of Public Health and Community Medicine coordinates four General Education courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine. Courses cover a broad range of interests across the disciplinary range of medicine.

From physical fitness and health to contemporary bioethics and all the topics in between, there is likely to be a general education subject of interest to you.


Watch video on Social Business for Public Health course:

Nobel Laureate and founder of the Grameen Bank Professor Muhammad Yunus welcomes students to UNSW's new course, Social Business for Public Health GENM0520.

In this course, we will develop the skills and perspective that enable you to identify and understand a social problem, to generate creative ideas to address it, and to build a realistic social business plan.


Watch video on Lifestyle courses:



Watch video on The Power of Sport course:



General Education courses

For currently enrolled students, please see further details on our General Education Timetable page and go to myUNSW to enrol in a course.