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Academic Practice (PHCM9100)

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Academic Practice is a course which is based around workshops designed to provide support to students in academic literacies.  The course is compulsory for all new International students in their first semester of study.* The course is also suitable for local students. The workshops will assist students in being able to complete postgraduate assessment in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Students will be expected to bring reading and writing material from their other courses to the classes.

Each week, skills topics will be presented and they will be linked with the materials that students deal with in their other courses. Participants will engage in critical activities on materials used in their studies ie referencing, reviewing articles, assignments etc. There will be opportunity to discuss issues and field questions from colleagues to develop skills in defending a particular viewpoint or position.

All new International students must complete Academic Practice in their first semester of study.* The course is worth 0 units of credit. The course is not counted in your study load and there are no tuition fees to be paid. Any International students who would like to be exempt from the course should contact the Postgraduate Office in the first instance. All Local students are also invited to enrol in the course.

*International students who are studying by distance in their home countries are exempt from this requirement.

Mode of study

Internal (Face-to-Face) classes on campus.

Course aim

The overall aim of this course is to enable you to identify, develop and engage with the academic skills required to successfully complete your postgraduate studies.

Course Outcomes
The outcomes for this course are to enable you to:
  • Develop as a reflective learner
  • Develop evidence based academic practices
  • Demonstrate overall improvement in academic literacy practices
  • Demonstrate improvement in academic literacy practices in the following areas:
    • Critical reading, thinking and writing
    • Oral communication
    • Managing postgraduate study
Learning and teaching rationale

This course is about helping you fit together the process of knowing what you want to say and writing it clearly. This is important whether it is about your own thoughts or the thoughts of others. This involves both the reflective and critical process.

Teaching strategies

This course is designed to be student focused and demands active student participation. The course will begin with a formative academic literacy-writing task to assess which skills you will need to focus on during the session. The classes will focus on thinking processes, text structures, language conventions, and strategies for writing about your course work. In class students will engage in the practical activities that will reinforce the academic skills being focused on. There will be in-class writing activities and mini oral presentations.


Assessment Task 1 - Attendence
80% attendance is required to pass this course
Weighting: N/A

Assessment Task 2 - Entry & Exit Writing Task
Weighting: 5%

Assessment Task 3 - Oral presentation and participation
Weighting: 10%

Assessment Task 4 - Reflective Reading Journal
Weighting: 25%

Assessment Task 5 - Annotated Bibliography Writing Task
Weighting: 35%

Assessment Task 6 - Development Scale
Weighting: 25%