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Concepts of Physical Activity, Exercise & Health (GENM0703)

image - Concepts of Physical Activity, Exercise & Health


The course will expose students to theory and concepts relating to the development and maintenance of physical health, disease prevention and general wellbeing. Topics include physical activity guidelines as well as exercise prescription in areas such as cardio-respiratory conditioning, resistance exercise, flexibility training, lifestyle management issues (diabetes, smoking, obesity, etc) and the negative effects of sedentary behaviours - with benefits and/or consequences of those actions used to direct decision making. Popular misconceptions will be addressed with the latest research findings used to dispel these myths. By participating in the group presentation and tutorials, students will be able to reflect on, and analyse their own health & fitness experiences, and improve upon future experiences for themselves and others. They will also be able to develop effective collaborative and communication skills.  

Credit points

This course is an undergraduate General Education course, comprising 6 units of credit towards the total of 12 units of credit required of General Education for most undergraduate students.

Mode of study

Internal (Face-to-Face) classes on campus.

Course aim

To provide students with knowledge of physical activity and other lifestyle habits, understanding of the effects of lifestyle on health and ideas and tools for positive change on both a personal and public health level.

Course Outcomes
  1. Define the basic structure and function of the moving human body.
  2. Explain how regular physical activity affects health and disease.
  3. Recognise that physical activity requirements differ between population groups.
  4. Determine factors affecting population physical activity habits in modern Australia.
  5. Apply physical activity information to your own lifestyle.
  6. Demonstrate scientific skills relating to scientific evidence, and collaborative and oral work.
Learning and Teaching Rationale

Lack of physical activity, on top of an unbalanced diet, has resulted in a chronic disease epidemic in contemporary Australia, centrally driven by high rates of overweight and obesity. Most people would like to be motivated to take steps to improve their overall health, often by changing their physical activity habits. However, many report making frequent resolutions to change, whilst rarely acting on them. Others find themselves starting to make change, but failing to sustain it. This course aims to provide you with accurate and relevant facts and tools that can be used to improve both your and the public’s overall physical activity-related health. We hope that as you progress through the course, you will find yourself being more aware of the health behaviours that you and your loved ones engage in, and if these behaviours – in particular physical activity behaviours – need to change.


Assessment Task 1 - Quizzes 1 - 10
Weighting: 20% (2% each quiz)
Length: 10 MCQs each

Assessment Task 2 - Lifestyle Change Project
Weighting: 20%
Lenght: 1500 words

Assessment Task 3 - Group Presentation
Weighting: 20%
Length: 3 minutes per person + 'extra time' for group

Assessment Task 4 - Capstone Paper
Weighting: 40%
Length: 2000 words

Readings and resources

Before each lecture, there will be some preparation lessons for you to complete. Content from the preparation materials are part of the assessment for this course.