School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Social Business for Public Health (GENM0520)


Do you visualise a society without social problems? Do you have a curiosity about how to make difference by offering solution(s) for social problems? Do you have the zeal to be a socially responsible entrepreneur in the healthcare settings?

The emerging field of social business comes against the backdrop of unleashing human ingenuity in which the market-driven approach for solving social problem (s) in health, education, environment etc stands as the primary objective. In this course, we will develop the skills and perspective that enable you to identify and understand a social problem, to generate creative ideas to address it, and to build a realistic social business plan.

The focus in the class shifts from the theoretical understanding of social business to the practical approach of planning, organising, leading and monitoring a social business. You will explore case studies, scenarios and real-time experiences from a largest Global academic and professional network of social business (i.e. Noble Laureate Professor Yunus Social business in 16 countries, 31 universities, 12 academic programs) and meet successful social business entrepreneurs to move your social business plan to market.

Credit Points

This is a six-unit general education course.

Mode of Study

External (Distance) and Internal (Face-to-Face) classes on campus.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to provide necessary knowledge and tool to diagnose the nature of ‘social problems’ within the public health domain (healthcare settings) and to offer an entrepreneurial driven solution.

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the basic concepts and relationship of Social Business, healthcare organization and entrepreneurship.   
  • Develop intellectual and analytical skills to think critically social problems.
  • Demonstrate competency in individual work to propose an innovative solution to a public health problem.    
  • Prepare a “Social Business Plan”, which covers planning, financing, marketing and managing a social business in the public health settings in general and healthcare organisation in particular.
  • Present the creative solution in a professional and succinct manner.
Learning and Teaching Rationale

The course offers students a combination of learning experiences, integrating both individual and group work throughout class time and assessment tasks. Students learn from lectures and readings, online engagement with key international networks and from each other in student-led digital presentation.


Assessment Task 1 - Online Disscussion
Weighting: 20%

Assessment Task 2 - Digital Pitch Presentation
Weighting: 30%
Length: 10 minutes

Assessment Task 3 - Social Business Plan
Weighting: 50%
Length: 2000 words

Readings and Resources

Learning resources for this course consist of the following:

  • Course notes and readings (posted in Moodle)
  • Lectures slides (posted in Moodle)
  • Lecture recordings (available in Moodle)
  • Supplementary resources such as videos, podcasts (available in Moodle)

Image attribution: Professor Muhammad Yunus.