School of Public Health and Community Medicine

WHO CC eHealth Research

The themes for the research and development aligns with the UNSW Faculty of Medicine’s research priority and the UNSW 2025 and the WHO WPRO strategies.

Theme 1: Enabling digital platform technologies and algorithms to extract and link real world observational data from general practice, hospital and population health information systems (HIS); identify cohorts for clinical trials and longitudinal research; monitor incidence, prevalence and pattern (demographics, place and time) of health issues and services use across primary and secondary care settings; and adopt/adapt a Common Data Model to integrate observational data from disparate HIS as well as social media to enable collaborative big data research;

Theme 2: An Internet of Things approach to develop and integrate mobile health (mHealth) apps, including “wearables”, with HIS to enhance personalised medicine, support self-management and clinical decisions and improve access to health care and information.

Theme 3: Ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) with implementing eHealth systems, and innovate with digital tools to improve the equity, appropriateness, integration, continuity, safety and quality of data and multidisciplinary team care.

Theme 4: Implementation and evaluation: My eHealth evaluation methodology uses mixed methods and observational EHR/HIS data. This is translated locally through professional and training organisations such as primary health networks (PHNs) and GP training organisations, and globally through WHO Collaborating Centre (eHealth) activities.

ehearth research themes