School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Vision and mission

Public health and community medicine are different but related disciplines. They have key elements in common that bring us together as a School, including a concern beyond the individual, an interest in the societal context in which health care is provided and a commitment to equity and social justice. Public health is a powerful tool with which we can bring equality into an unequal world.

In health management, SPHCM seeks to strengthen health systems, translate evidence into policy and practice, and develop leadership skills in health management, building on our long track record and reputation in training health managers in Australia and our region. Our programs are closely linked to our research, and we strive to be relevant to practice and policy.

Our School is committed to excellence in research, learning and teaching and advocacy to enhance public health and health services.

We are aligned with the UNSW 2025 Strategy in academic excellence, global impact and social engagement.

Our values

  • Recognition of the Indigenous peoples of Australia as the traditional owners of the land upon which we work, and a commitment to addressing the public health needs of Indigenous Australia
  • Excellence in research, teaching and service operating within a meritocracy
  • Advocating for public health and for health care as a public good and fundamental right for all
  • Social justice, equity and diversity