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Immune-suppression must while planning for smallpox outbreak

Smallpox Re-emergence can be a Threat to Immunosuppressed People

Researchers pinpoint where smallpox outbreak would hit hardest

New publication: How Valid Are Assumptions About Re-emerging Smallpox?

Flu facemask rule under review at Waikato DHB, Interview with Raina MacIntyre


Smallpox lessons from the field, Prof MacIntyre interviewed Dr J Michael lane

Black Death spread by humans, vindicating rats

Research Excellence in Epidemic Control

Global Security PLuS workshop - New approaches to risk analysis in biosecurity

Did you miss the launch of Global Security Plus? Hear the talks here

ISER presentation at the World Congress of Public Health - ‘A global pandemic experience – Cross sectoral lessons

Building knowledge of biosecurity and bioterrorism threats

Flu pandemic like hood increasing as new strains emerge, UNSW researchers warn

Bird flu resurgence in Asia

Check out Pandemic, our new web series about Bioterrorism and Health image - ISER NewsIntelligence

Smallpox, permafrost, lab accidents and biowarfare - how high is the threat?

Social media for tracking disease outbreaks – fad or way of the future?

Health Check: which vaccinations should I get as an adult?

Australia’s worst flu outbreak: What’s the difference between a cold and the flu? 

If there were a vaccine against acute myocardial infarction, would you use it?

Flu season adds stress to hospital emergency departments

Antibiotics for pneumonia failing many

Launch of UNSW – Vaccine & Infection Research Lab

Australian adults missing out on free vaccinations

Media release – Millions of adults missing out vaccines

First Responder

Banning unvaccinated kids from childcare

Avian influenza global re-emergence

Team MacIntyre – Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases Research

Lifesaving sepsis study wins MJA best research article

Designing a low cost, re-usable face mask to prevent infection

UNSW study on antibiotic resistance finds concern, but no 'epidemic'

Australia’s worst flu outbreak: What’s the difference between a cold and the flu? 

How long are you contagious when you have a cold?

Phylogeny workshop

Students find early signals of the Zika virus outbreak

Building knowledge of biosecurity and bioterrorism threats

The number of new flu viruses is increasing, and could lead to a pandemic

Number of new flu viruses emerging globally heightens pandemic threat



The vaccination gap in the elderly

Are your vaccinations up to date?

Social media for tracking disease outbreaks - fad or way of the future?

The falling vaccination rate we don't hear about

Data, disruption and unnatural pandemics

Smallpox, the permafrost, lab accidents and biowarfare

Zika virus in Singapore

Named in the Chief Scientist's list #5ScientistsPledge

Travellers and vaccine refusers source of measles outbreaks

HPV vaccine protects immunosuppressed children

The importance of biosecurity

Pandemics, biosecurity and bioterrorism

Seniors jabs not high enough

Low elderly vax rates create needless risk

Vaccines: Don’t forget the elderly

Are hankies as gross as they seem?

Correctly predicting that legionella outbreaks in Sydney were not over

Zika virus and the association with microcephaly

Zika crisis in Latin America raises questions on Asia

Explainer on flu vaccine, The Conversation

A biological winter – already here?

How are nurses becoming infected with Ebola?

Ebola: WHO guidelines risk healthcare workers’ lives, expert claims

The Ebola Gamble


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