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Independent Learning Projects (ILPs)

The Independent Learning Project (ILP) is intended to provide UNSW medical students with a period of in-depth study that engenders an approach to medicine that is constantly questioning and self-critical. The ILP aims to promote lifelong learning patterns and skills which will enable them to approach future medical challenges in their careers with a rigor and depth not possible without a detailed knowledge of the formal processes of research, literature appraisal, data collection, analysis and presentation.

The School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Australia offers a wide range of topics for medical students to undertake an ILP or Honours Project. We have skilled researchers who are widely published experts in their fields who can provide you with the support needed in this important research year. Topic areas include drug and alcohol misuse prevention and treatment, sexual and reproductive health, infectious diseases, vaccination, health professional training in low-middle income countries, refugee health, mental health, sport for development and diabetes management to name a few.

Further, specific experience and placements within the candidates' Independent Learning Project (ILP) are also readily facilitated.

ILP Projects

A/Prof Andrew Hayen explains the advantages of doing an ILP through the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW   Dr James Wood discusses ILP projects in Infectious Diseases, Health Care Infection, Health Economics and Social Research
Dr Sally Nathan discusses ILP projects in Social Research, Global Health, Sexual Health, Nutrition and Obesity   Prof Nick Zwar discusses ILP projects in Primary Care, Chronic Disease, Health Prevention, Medical Education